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How To Use Titan GEL Original

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There are lots of people who bought Titan Gel that does not know how to use it properly. Some people does not see the best result of Titan Gel because they do not know the proper usage. We also receive lots of questions on how the will use the Titan Gel and What is the proper usage of it. That is why we made this page so that Titan Gel users will know this very simple step by step guide on using the product.

Important Instructions on Using Titan Gel

How To Use Titan GEL ,  Important Instructions on Using Titan Gel

1.The exercise must be performed only at semi- erected condition- full erection is contraindicated. Because blood vessels can be damaged.The minimum erection level is 40-50%, the maximum is 80%.Beginners are not recommended to start at 80% erection level.

2.The traditionally used “OK”grip ( a ring formed by thumb and index finger) can be of two types: palms up ( common OK grip) and palms down ( reverse OK grip).It is not strictly required to close your thumb and index finger in a ring.You can make a U- letter grip as well.The main thing is that the grip should allow you to effectively retain the blood in the penis.

3. In order to avoid changing the pressure applied to the penis,the compression force and grip stability must be uniform from the beginning till the end of the movement.It is reccomended to start the exercise with a weak grip strength should not be reduced or alternated.

4.The movement always starts from the penis base.

5.The speed of the movements must be not fasts,resembling masturbation.The movement should last at least for 3 seconds.

6.The movement must be interrupted as soon as ejaculation approaches.

7.It is recommended to warm up the penis before the exercise.It increases the blood flow to the penis,making it more flexible and capable of stretching without injuries.There are different ways.Taking a hot shower is the easiest.But there are more advanced ways as well.For example,using the lubricants with biologically active substances How To Use Titan GEL

8. The exercises must be performed with caution to avoid damaging the dorsal nerve that runs along the top of the penis. A particularly sensitive is the nerve plexus. located right after the head on the penis top. it is necessary to avoid any pressure  in this area

9. Overly active and/or harshly executed exercises might result in injuries to small blood vessels (capillaries) causing the appearance  of small red dots (usually on the head) or bruises . In addition, there may be temporary weakening of the erection level. disappearance of morning erection. stunting. such symptoms  must become a trigger for a few days break in the exercises and for the training program review. The symptoms will naturally disappear wihtin 2-3 days.

Remember that you should not feel any discomfort when doing jelqing! How To Use Titan GEL 

Jelqing Techniques of Titan Gel Original

How To Use Titan GEL , Jelqing Techniques of Titan Gel Original

There are several jelqing techniques that offer from each other by performance procedures. However, each man may decide on his own which one is the best for him.

Four Types of Titan Gel For Men Jelqing Techniques. 

Jelqing Technique Number One (1)

Apply as sufficient amount of gel on the skin of your penis. If during the exercise the amount of gel is not enough you can add some more.

Slightly squeeze your penis at the base with your thumb and index fingers. Move your hand along the body of penis up to the head. Repeat the movement It should last 3 seconds. The Stimulation can help you achieve an erection.

When your penis is semi-erected, from a ring with your left hand thumb and index fingers and firmly squeeze your penis at the base. Starting from the base, pull your penis gently but firmly. Pull it down and outwards, maintaining the semi-erected condition. Each movement should only begin from the penis base. Note that the blood must go to the head of the penis.

Change the hand and repeat the movement, starting from the base and stretching it towards the head. Change your hands rhythmically, imitating milker’s movements, touching the entire surface of the penis, with the exception of its head. This is the foundation of jelqing. Remember that your penis should be only partially aroused.

Perform 200 to 300 movements per day with a medium strength during the first week. 10 minutes. Perform 200 to 300 movements per day with a medium strength during the next week. 15 minutes. Perform 500 or more movements per day with the maximum strength during all the remaining time. Approximately 20 minutes.

Jelqing Technique Number Two (2)

Apply some gem on the relaxed penis from the base to the head. Using only your thumb and index finger, stretch the penis downwards and slightly sidewards. Be gentle but firm. Change your hands one after the other as if milking. Continue gentle movements until you feel the arousal and then proceed with a stronger effort. Repeat the movement 100 times.

For the first 10 days proceed with relatively light effort. Gradually increase the number of movements to 200 per one session. These exercises are identical both for the circumcised and uncircumcised men. Note that the penis head must become red and swollen. This is fine because the blood has to flow intensely into this area.

Jelqing Technique Number Three (3)

Apply some lubricant on your penis, spread it. When your penis reaches semi-erection add a small amount of gel to your palms. Form a ring with your left hand thumb and index finger and squeeze your penis with it at the base. Keeping a firm grip, move your hand towards the head that will be growing in size progressively as you perform the exercise.

Repeat the same with your right hand.

Keep doing the exercise changing hands. Gradually accelerate the movements from the medium tempo to fast.

Perform these exercises up to 10 minutes ( 100 to 200 movement) in the first week. After that try to be engaged in the sessions for at least 20 minutes per day.

Jelqing Technique Number Four (4)

It is also known as a Tao technique and used by those who want to increase their penis head size. It is very similar to technique number one, except that it is performed very slowly and carefully.

Using your fingers, chase the blood to the head of your penis, creating a constant pressure. Secure the position of your fingers for about 10 seconds. This will help the penis head to accept more blood. You can also compress the penis body at the base, to enhance the flow of blood. Loosen the grip in case of overpressure. Repeat as many times as you want, but not more than for 10 minutes. How To Use Titan GEL Original !!! 2020

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