GOJI CREAM RUSSIA Hendels Garden 50 ml

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Goji berry revitalizing cream Hendel`s Garden 50 ml                                       
Goji berry revitalizing cream Cream Hendel`s Garden is an innovative product of the  company "Hendel", which is famous for the quality of their cosmetics all over the world.
So, the basis of this revitalizing cream is a unique formula that smoothes wrinkles on the face within 14 days! In labs have conducted clinical tests confirmed that the cream suspends aging of the skin and starts its healing.
Surely you'll ask, "what is the secret of such efficiency of the cream Hendel?!" Answer: of course, in the extract of the amazing and unique Goji berries, included in its composition. Judge for yourself.
Goji berries contain:
about 20 amino acids;
vitamin C (500 times more than oranges);
vitamin E;
iron (15 times more than in apples);
b vitamins;
All these natural ingredients are contained in one drop of cream for the rejuvenation, which is equal to the power of 1000 of Goji berries!
So, the efficacy of a new revitalizing cream Cream Goji Hendel`s Garden is that its constituent minerals, vitamins and BETAINE (a key component of the formula) together form a molecule that penetrates into the deepest layers of the dermis and restores it from within, day after day, rejuvenating your face.
How to use Goji berry revitalizing cream Cream Hendel`s Garden?
Very simple! Best of all, the product is suitable for use as evening skin care products or makeup base (this is all detailed in the instructions for use). Before applying you should thoroughly clean the skin, freeing the pores for a better perception of the active components, and then to apply the cream for absorption.
By performing this simple procedure every day for several weeks, you notice an impact that will surely surprise and delight. Most importantly, Goji Cream from Hendel " s Garden retains the efficacy for a long time.