Spanish Fly Extra

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دواء محفز للاثارة الجنسية لدى النساء و الرجال أنه يحفز الرغبة الجنسية ويضمن هزة الجماع رائعة للرجال والنساء!

It stimulates libido and it ensures a blissful orgasm for men and women! Men experience an erection and women get a kind of itchy feeling near the pubic area. Take a few drops of the Spanish Fly Extra and take it in with water (mix). A bottle contains 15 ml and it should give sexual excitement shortly after ingestion.
It stimulates lust and helps have a great orgasm, both for women and men. 
'Spanish Fly Extra'  is a remedy that falls into the category of Aphrodisiacs and works as a sexual stimulant for both men and women. For women it produces an itchy feeling in the genital area and for men it produces an erection.
The administration of this remedy is done by mixing a few drops in a drink or water. The sexual arousal should be quickly noticeable after drinking it.
Size: A bottle contains 15 ml.